Miami Shores Chamber of Commerce

Our Vision

The Greater Miami Shores Chamber of Commerce is an organization of active members who share a vision to create strong relationships within our community, local businesses and beyond. We serve as advocates for the three village area to foster pride, recognition and economic growth. As community members and business owners, we cultivate an energetic and vibrant neighborhood which attracts new businesses, programs and organizations that ensure our personal and professional growth.
Adopted April 21, 2015

Our Mission

The mission of the Greater Miami Shores Chamber of Commerce is to provide leadership for the advancement of the economic vitality, civic affairs, and quality of life of the total community.

Our 2015 Priorities

  1. Outreach to the three Villages of Miami Shores, Biscayne Park, El Portal, and beyond.
  2. Serve as the information resource on issues of importance to the local business community, with emphasis on NE 2nd Avenue downtown sewer project.
  3. Revitalize Communications Committee; Identify new Chair and update Web site.

* * *

The Greater Miami Shores Chamber of Commerce was granted a charter on June 17, 1926.  It is not clear from our records what transpired from 1926 until 1949, the date which we commonly refer to as our founding.  Records indicate that our first President, Lee Ward, took office in 1949.  We consider April 13, 1949, as our start date or birthday.

From the start the Chamber has charged membership dues to support our efforts, programming, and staff expenses.  Advertising revenue now also forms an important piece of how we fund our efforts.  As the Chamber evolved, we have recognized the desire of our local businesses to reach the residents perhaps foremost. As a result, our primary communication piece, a monthly magazine in existence since at least 1963, is geared to local residents and distributed to over 6,300 homes, apartments, and businesses in Miami Shores, Biscayne Park, and El Portal.  It is titled the Greater Miami Shores Egret.  The Chamber now also maintains a database of local residents and e-mails them monthly.

The Chamber is run on a day to day basis by our Executive Director and a small group of part-time staff and paid consultants.  Staff is overseen by an Executive Committee and a board of directors that numbers between ten and thirty individuals.

In addition to our publications, communication vehicles, and Web site, we offer events and programming throughout the year, such as regular Member breakfast and lunch events, our Annual Dinner, Outstanding Student Breakfast, Best of the Shores competition and luncheon, Green Day street fair, and other specialty events. We also maintain a retail operation in the front part of our offices, the “Shores Shop”, that sells clothing, books, and gift ideas, most with a Miami Shores logo or theme.

2015’s annual budget this year is $280,000.  Each year prior to our Annual Dinner, we operate an Annual Meeting, where we make our plans and financial records available for our members. The Chamber believes in open records and financial ethics, providing excellent customer service, and in improving our cash reserves position for long term stability.